Are you looking to see what cases are scheduled for court?  You can review the court dockets by date.    If a case is non-public you will not be able to view.    


The 18th District Court serves the City of Westland.  The court is located at 36675 Ford Road in Westland, Michigan, 48185.

District Judges

Hon. Sandra Ference Cicirelli, Chief Judge

Hon. Mark A. McConnell

The court handles the following matters:

  • Criminal Cases: Misdemeanor and Felony offenses which the crime occurred in the City of Westland.
  • Civil Infractions: Traffic and non-traffic offenses arising in the City of Westland.
  • Small Claims cases in which the claim does not exceed $5,500.
  • Landord/Tenant matters in which the residence is within the City of Westland.
  • General Civil matters involving claims up to $25,000.

Court Hours

The court is open to the public Monday through Friday between 8:00am to 4:00pm except for the holidays listed below.

The 18th District Court is barrier free and accessible for persons with disabilities.  If you require special accommodations, please contact the court administrator at (734) 595-8720 prior to your visit to the court.

All persons entering the courthouse are subject to search of both their person and belongings.  Signs posted at the courthouse entrance list all items which are prohibited and which will be seized if found on your person.   Weapons of any type, food, beverages, and cigarette lighters are just some of the items that are prohibited.   Note:  Cell Phones are NOT allowed in the courthouse.


If you are coming to the court to make a payment, we accept cash, personal check, or money order.  The court also accepts Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards; however, we use a third party processer for these transactions.  The additional costs of these transactions are paid by the person making the payment.  There is also a drop box outside the building for after hours payments by check or money order.

You may also pay your fines and cost on line.  Click the “Payment Information” tab for more information or go directly payments by clicking HERE.  Payments made online will be processed by the court the next business day.


Are you looking to see what cases are scheduled for court?  You can review the court dockets by date.    If a case is non-public you will not be able to view.   


The court will be closed to the public on the following dates

Monday January 21, 2019 – Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday

Monday February 18, 2019 – President’s Day

Friday April 19, 2019 – Good Friday

Monday May 27, 2019 – Memorial Day

          Drug Testing Schedule.  Please note your specific grouping.  You must check daily!
                          ***** Sobriety Court Participants *****

Participants assigned to the numbers “1 & 6” should report for testing on Friday (1/18/19). 
                         ****Random Drug Testing/Color Program****
Participants assigned to the color “Pink” should report for testing on Friday (1/18/19).

Normal testing hours are from 7:30 AM  – 3:00 PM for weekday testing.

Normal testing hours are from 7:00 AM  – 9:30 AM for weekend/holiday testing.

** To ensure proper collection, and to avoid delays, please do not drink anything one hour prior to your test.