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Impartiality: Court employees have an “absolute duty of impartiality.” A court employee can never give advice or information for the purpose of favoring one court user over another.

Neutrality: Court employees must remain neutral and cannot make judgements about what is in a litigant’s best interest – only the litigant and his/her lawyer may do so. A court employee should not advise court users as to which remedies to seek or whether to avail themselves of a particular procedure or alternative.

If you are looking for advice or legal help, it is advisable for you to contact an attorney of your choosing. If you are looking for generalized legal information, you may want to contact one of the following legal resources:


The following forms are available at the Michigan One Court of Justice website.

General Civil # of Copies
DC99 Motion and Affidavit to set aside Default Original +2 copies
MC01 Summons and Complaint Original +5 copies
MC09 Dismissal Original +2 copies
MC17 Satisfaction of Judgement Original +2 copies
All General Civil Forms

Small Claims # of Copies
DC84 Affidavit and Claim for Small Claims Original + 3 copies
DC85 Small Claims Judgement
DC86 Demand and Order for Removal
All Small Claim Forms

Landlord Tennant # of Copies
DC100a Demand for Possession Non-Payment of rent Seestructions
DC100c Notice to Quit Termination of Tenancy see Instructions
DC102a LT Complaint Non-Payment of Rent see Instructions
DC102c LT Complaint Termination of Tenancy see Instructions
DC104 Summons see Instructions
All Landlord/Tenant forms can be found here

DC213 Misdemeanor Advice of rights /English/Spanish/Arabic/Hmong/Russian/Chinese/Korean
Other Misdemeanor Criminal forms

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If you are looking for information on the new rules and application to set aside a conviction, please visit the Michigan Legal Help link listed above.