Public Case Inquiry

The 18th District Court is a court of public record.  You can look up criminal cases to find details on cases that are newly filed, sentenced, on probation, or are closed.   You can also look up lawsuit information such as general civil cases, small claims issues as well as landlord-tenant matters. 

To review public records through our website by clicking here.  

Some of the benefits of online case look up are:

  • You can check to see how much you owe. 
  • You can verify your next probation appointment.
  • You can verify your next court date.
  • You can verify if you have a warrant outstanding.
  • You can review public information for potential job candidates.   

Please note:  If a case is taken under a special section of law that makes the case non-public, it will not appear using this program.  Also, the fines and costs listed may not be the total owed if the case is in warrant status.    

Please call the court at (734) 595-8720 to verify your payment information and warrant status if applicable.