Fines and Costs

18th District Court

Select Civil Infraction Fines and Costs

Violations marked with an asterisk (*) are MISDEMEANORS

All fines and costs are due within 14 days of violation.

Michigan Court Rule 1.110 provides that “Fines and costs must be paid at time of assessment”.

Failure to take action on your citation within 14 days will result in a default entered on all civil infractions. A default fee will be added and may lead to the suspension of your driving privileges for failing to appear.  Payment plans are available for those with needs, however, you must appear in person to set up a payment plan.


If you are coming to the court to make a payment, we accept cash, personal check, or money order.  The court also accepts Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards; however, we use a third party processer for these transactions.  The additional costs of these transactions are paid by the person making the payment.  There is also a drop box outside the building for after hours payments made with check and money order.

Please note: You may also pay on line.  Click the “Payment Information” tab for more information or go directly payments by clicking HERE.  Payments made online will be processed by the court the next business day.


1-5mph over $115 1
6-10mph over $135 2
11-15mph over $155 3
16mph over and above $245 4
Violation of Basic Speed Law (too fast for conditions, w/o due care and caution, failed to stop assured clear distance ahead) $155 2
Amber Light $115 3
Red Light/Stop Sign $155 3
Failed to Yield $115 2
Failed to Yield (involved in accident) $155 2
Funeral Procession/Emergency Vehicle/School Bus $215 3
Prohibited/Improper/No Signal on Turn $125 2
Prohibited/Improper/Unsafe Passing $135 3
Improper Lane Use/Drove Left of Center $135 2
Following Too Closely $115 2
Fail to Dim Lights/ Drive w/o Lights/Improper Lights $115 2
Obstructed Vision/Control $115 2
Careless Driving $245 3
Pedestrian/Passenger Violations $95 0
Seat Belt Violation $65 0
Drove w/o Corrective Lenses $205* 2
No Proof Insurance $185 0
No Proof Insurance – had valid insurance at time – must show proof $25 0
No Proof Insurance – Obtained AFTER stop – must show proof $95 0
Blocking/Impeding Traffic $180 0
All other Traffic Civil Infractions Call for Costs
Parked on Street During Snow Emergency $190 0
On Turf/Easement/Cul-De-Sac/Eyebrow $85 0
Handicapped Zone $205 0
Handicapped Zone – Photocopy, Improper Display of Permit, Expired Permit (Valid Proof Provided) $285 0
Prohibited/Fire Lane/Hydrant/Block Sidewalk
      –If paid within five (5) business days $25 0
      –If paid after five (5) business days but by court date $85 0
Expired Operator’s License (Show Proof of Renewal) $165* 2
Expired Operator’s License (No Proof Provided) $245* 2
Expired Plate (Show Proof of Renewal) $85 0
Expired Plate (No Proof Provided) $165 0
Improper/No Plate/Unregistered Vehicle $245* 0
Allowed Unlicensed Driver to Drive $345* 0
Improper Display of License Plate $105 0
Improper/Incorrect Address on License
      –Show Proof of Correction $85 0
      –No correction provided $165 0
Animal At Large – First Offense/No Bite $175* 0
Offer Motor Vehicle For Sale
      1st Offense $190* 0
      2nd Offense $345* 0
Drove On Turf (Non-Traffic Violation/No Damage) $245* 0
The following violations may be cleared without fines and costs by correcting the violation(s) AND presenting the citation to any law enforcement officer to certify the correction. NOTE: The citation must then be mailed or presented to the 18th District Court by the appearance date on the citation. If certification is not obtained and/or proof is not provided to the Court, the following payment schedule will apply:
No Child Restraint (must provide proof of purchase) $120 0
No Proof/No Address on Registration $105 0
Defective/Unsafe Equipment Violations (Code 3400) $205 0
Specific Equipment Violations $115 0
No Operator’s License On Person $345* 0