Zoom Information

The 18th District Court is using Zoom to conduct electronic hearings during this COVID-19 crisis. Please go to Zoom.us to familiarize yourself with Zoom protocols before attending a Zoom hearing.

You may also review court dockets online. To view a court docket click: court dockets. Note: If a case is non-public you will not be able to view

Probation Officer:

Eric Lange: www.zoom.us/j/3141740851 Passcode: 1818

JoAnn Darragh: www.zoom.us/j/5217638989 Passcode: 1818

Christy Seale: www.zoom.us/j/6716207391 Passcode: 1818

Purity Marsh: www.zoom/us/j/5194949934 Passcode: 1818

Haley Blair: www.zoom.us/j/8125387869 Passcode: 1818