The 18th District Court’s Probation Department operates under the leadership of the Honorable Judge Mark A. McConnell and Honorable Judge Sandra Ference Cicirelli.

The probation department has as its primary goals the protection of the public through offender accountability and rehabilitation and the pursuit of victim advocacy, safety and restoration.  The department works toward accomplishing these goals through a close relationship with the Westland Police Department and many community based organizations.

The 18th District Court’s Probation Department currently has a variety of supervision levels available that aim at meeting the needs of the community and the offender. Supervision levels range from mail in reporting to daily reporting.  A major task of the courts probation officers is to determine what level of supervision is appropriate for each defendant. This is accomplished through the completion of a Pre Sentence Interview (PSI) report.  This report allows the officer to compile information regarding the defendant’s background including social history, criminal history, substance use, education and employment.  This information is used along with details of the offense and input from any victims to make an appropriate sentencing recommendation.

The department utilizes a wide variety of sanctions/rehabilitative services that are contingent upon evidence based practices and allow for the proper prevention, intervention and supervision strategies to be implemented.  Probation supervision allows the officer to monitor the defendant’s compliance and progress throughout the probationary term.  It allows for the appropriate referral to treatment/educational programs, consistent random alcohol/drug testing, collection of monies/restitution owed and intervention when necessary.

It is the goal of the 18th District Court that, for those individuals placed on a probation, they will receive a balanced approach of supervision, enforcement and rehabilitative services that will afford them the opportunity to become a productive law abiding citizen.