Sobriety Court

Sobriety Court Mission Statement:

The 18th District Court Sobriety Court has been established to address and eliminate recurring substance abuse among repeat drinking and driving offenders.

The 18th District Court implemented a Sobriety Court program in October 2013. This program was developed through a collaborative effort with the 18th District Court Judges, City Prosecutors, Defense Counsel, Probation Department, and local treatment providers.

The program offers a unique team approach in providing defendants convicted of 1 or more drinking and driving convictions and opportunity to participate in an intensely monitored program that will provide all of the necessary components to achieve and maintain sobriety.

The program is based on the adult drug court model and complies with the 10 Guiding Principles for DWI/Sobriety Courts. It is an 18-24 month program divided into 4 step-down phases. The program utilizes a combination of negative/positive reinforcement to change behaviors.

In accordance with Michigan’s Ignition Interlock Pilot Program, participants of the program may obtain a valid restricted driver’s license after 60 days of continuous documented sobriety and the installation of an ignition interlock.

It has been determined that the combined efforts of the sobriety court team and a committed participant will allow the cycle of substance abuse to stop and allow the participant to become a law abiding citizen and productive member of society.

This program has strict eligibility requirements which include:

  • Residence in Westland or surrounding community
  • Gainful employment or enrollment in an accredited educational program
  • 1 or more drinking and driving convictions
  • Have no convictions for felony violent crimes
  • Admit to a substance abuse problem and be willing to sign a contract stating a desire to participate and comply with the program.

For more information, please review our Sobriety Court Handbook

For referrals to the court’s program, please complete the referral form and email Haley Blair at