Eviction Assistance Information

The 18th District Court follows all State requirements regarding landlord-tenant case filing, processing and evictions. If you have a case filed at the 18th District Court please contact the civil department for specific information regarding your case. The civil department can be reached at (734) 595-8720 extension number 5.

If you are a tenant and you cannot pay your rent due to COVID-19, there are resources that you can use to assist you. We encourage you to contact one of the agencies listed below to gain information on what is available to you. The court cannot give legal advice so you must contact the agency directly.

            You have a right to an attorney to represent you at your court hearing(s).   If you can afford an attorney, attorney information can be found through the State Bar of Michigan or through local bar associations.   If you cannot afford an attorney, there is free legal aid available to you utilizing the information listed below.  The court cannot provide you an attorney!   Attorney representation is not paid for by the court, therefore, please contact an attorney before your court date so that all parties are prepared.   Hearing dates are strictly enforced and cannot be adjourned so it is critical you start the process as soon as possible.

            The following information is intended to give you access to possible financial assistance.   This list is not intended to limit your options, but to provide you with information on where to start.  Please contact the below agencies prior to coming to court so that you can be prepared to discuss these issues with the Judge at the time of your hearing. 

Housing Resources

Department of Health and Human Services:

            Taylor Office: (313) 375-2500 or https://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs

Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA): 

            Wayne Metropolitan CAA: (734) 284-6999 or https://www.waynemetro.org/

Legal Resources

Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc. (LAD): (877) 964-4700

Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center – (313) 294-5412 or email ndavis@wcdrc.org

Lakeshore Legal Aid Clients: New Clients – (888) 783-8190 Office – (586) 510-1814

The State Bar of Michigan’s Lawyer Referral & Information Service:


Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan: (313) 874-5820 or http://www.nlsmichigan.org/          

Elder Law of Michigan (ELM): (866) 400-9164 or http://www.elderlawofmi.org

Michigan Legal Help: http://michiganlegalhelp.org