Michigan Clean Slate

Michigan Clean Slate

Here is a list of the Michigan Clean Slate forms. They can only be downloaded from the SCAO website as the paper forms are not available at this time. Click on the link below or go to the SCAO website to access the form from that website. The court requires one application is completed for each court case.

Click Application to Set Aside Conviction(s)-MC-227 to access this form.

Click Application to Set Aside Misdemeanor Marijuana Conviction(s)-MC-227a to access this form.

Click Application for Human Trafficking Victim to Set Aside Conviction-MC-227b to access this form.

Click Order on Application to Set Aside Conviction(s)-MC-228 to access this form.

Click Order On Application to Set Aside Misdemeanor Marijuana Conviction-MC-228a to access this form.

Click Order for Human Trafficking Victim to Set Aside Conviction-MC-228b to access this form.

For assistance with setting aside a conviction, please contact Michigan Legal Help at  www.michiganlegalhelp.org.

For more information please contact Marilyn Veseley or Maria FAini at (734) 595-8720. You may email mvesely@18thdistrictcourt.com